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March Celebrating Women Authors Part 4 - Kim Harrison

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The most important lesson I learned about writing gripping fiction and urban fantasy, I learned from Kim Harrison reading her Hollows series. Don’t be afraid to kill off characters, but wait until the reader loves them.

Kim Harrison (who also writes under the name Dawn Cook) is the #1 NYTimes Best Selling Author of the Hollows series, featuring a witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan in urban fantasy Cincinnati. The Hollows consists of one prequel, 15 urban fantasy novels (with a new one coming out this summer), eight short stories, two graphic novels, and one compendium resource.

The Hollows. This series is straight-up addicting! I was introduced to this series by my sister. I was grabbed by the title - Dead Witch Walking! What?!? Talk about a promise in a title!

That is a brave title.

A title like that better have a strong loner-type protagonist facing off with villains and society itself.

There better be clever borderline cliche one-liners that are used in just the right places, so as to not cheapen the effect.

It better be dark and gritty, like a 1970’s Clint Eastwood film.

Boy did it deliver on those promises.

Each addition to the series followed a similarly themed title. Each time Harrison kept her promises!

Harrison was able to keep the energy and attraction to the stories, by utilizing a very powerful author tool - DEATH. Safeguard your hearts readers because this is a series that demands emotional investment. When you learn that Harrison goes there, oh my goodness. I was a hot mess! The characters are so well written that knowing they are a vampire does not affect the realness of them.

Unafraid to kill fan favorites, keeps the reader so engaged, never knowing if this witty banter is the last moment the reader gets with this character. Let me tell you it is a page-turning rush!

I actually have to force myself to wait for her to put out the next three installments before I go back in! Three novels back to back seems to satisfy my inner book addict.

Lucky for me, Harrison is also a prolific author, and fast!

Book # 16 - The Trouble with the Cursed - Coming June 14th, 2022

For the next read-through to prepare for the new release, I plan to read all the short stories and novellas that happen in between. It might take the rest of the year just to get there, but what an adventure!

To learn more about Kim Harrison and her many other works visit her website at

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