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Violet Stars

About Me

Telling My Stories

How to start these things may be harder than writing an entire epic fantasy novel! Well here we go. I am an avid reader and long-time closet writer of fantasy and supernatural fiction. I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2009, I packed up my sons and my dog and made our way to the deserts of Arizona to manifest a better life for us. By 2021, I had spent a decade working in the mental health community, but never let go of my passion for storytelling. Today, I have incorporated writing as a coping skill, processing skill, and potential income resource for those struggling with mental illness and the daily stresses we all go through. But it wasn't enough. At the beginning of the Pandemic, I had a drawer full of dusty half-finished manuscripts and a mind full of characters demanding to be heard. I decided in 2021 for my own sanity and passion to share their stories, that it was time to make a serious effort of becoming a real-life author. So, I buckled down and wrote in every spare moment. It took some time, more than I thought, but like any good road trip the bumps in the road made for an exciting journey and the destination soon came into view. My debut novel, Nightmares & Stars, (the first in my Witch War Series) is on track to come out by the winter of 2021!  I have two more novels in the series working through the developmental stage, along with three episodic serials of supernatural fiction all waiting their turn at the limelight. I am so excited to share my stories and author journey with you, that this could go on forever. Every page of this website tells you something about me, so keep exploring and let me tell you a story...

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