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Reading at Home

My Quarterly Reads

The Broken Girls.jpg
The Broken Girls

So I just finished this book, the first by Simone St. Clare that I have read/listened to. If you are looking for a creepy old ghost story and a modern-day murder mystery, then The Broken Girls should be your next read!  Half the tale takes place in 1950s Vermont and the other in the same town 2014. Women are the lead in both these tales separated by 64 years. The power of these women's stories is moving, tragic, and beautiful. 

A Christmas to Remember

There are not a lot of romance novels out there for the older lady crowd, but grab your red hats, ladies, because Mickelsen delivers a heartwarming story of love, loss, and remembering to live again.  Based on her mother's emotions when Mickelsen's father passed away from Cancer, the characters have an authenticity that will have the tears flowing. 

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