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Whiskey River Book Signing March 17th, 2022

Me and fellow author and lifetime friend, Kristy Mickelsen (author of Christmas to Remember, Lady For Hire, and Nine Months to Autism) made our first stop on our Fantasy and Romance Book Signing Tour 2022 at The Whiskey River in Amarillo, TX on St. Patty's Day! We had a great time despite an unexpected storm blowing in with winds threatening to blow us away as we carried stuff in or rain us out. If that was not enough, a surprise grass fire nearby had everybody's phones notifying them of potential evacuations in the area! We prevailed, got to meet some amazing people, and sign our books for them!


The Conversation
Author Interview with CSMS Magazine's Ardain Isma and Kat Satava

In this video, fantasy author Kat Satava speaks with Ardain Isma about her new novel "Nightmares and Stars," which is book 1 of "The Witch War" series. Alora, the protagonist, is being protected by her mother, Queen of Noctourne, shielding her from going to war because she is next in line for the throne. However, Alora refuses to stay in the shadow, for she feels it is necessary to join the war to keep the enemy from controlling her lands. Good read!
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