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Kat Satava

Epic Fantasy & Supernatural Fiction Writer
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Nightmares & Stars

Book 1 in The Witch War Series

Rebellious Princess Alora Luminae, is fed up with being sidelined in the decade-long war that has ravaged her Noctourne Queendom under the siege of  Soldaynian Sun Witches. She obtains a map leading to a weapon that could lead her people to victory, but the cost forces her and her most trusted friend, General Bist Tinshale to travel into enemy lands. On their epic journey, will she grow into the Warrior Queen she dreams about or leave her people to the destruction and submission of the ruthless twin rulers of Soldayna?

Image by Nathan Anderson
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Kat Satava

Author of Epic Fantasy  & Supernatural Fiction

Kat Satava is the author of epic fantasy and supernatural fiction. She is currently working on the first book in her Witch War Series, Nightmares & Stars. She has been crafting stories of monsters, witches, and shapeshifters since high school. When she isn’t writing or reading about things that go bump in the night, she is helping others develop their own voices and stories by running a weekly therapeutic writing group to learn how to process, cope, and communicate through creative writing.

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